Yom Rivii, 10 Iyyar 5778
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Israel Story

Click on the links below to discover more adult education classes at Temple Emanu-El!

  • Learning Our Story
    • Classes include: 
      • Tuesday Morning Bible Class
      • Rabbi Kroloff's Lunch and Learn
      • Holy Scrollers
  • Scholarly Story
    • Classes include:
      • The Reform Jewish Story with Rabbi Panken
      • Principles of Jewish Legal Tradition
      • Jewish - Christian Relations Over the Centuries
      • Introduction to Judaism with the URJ
  • Personal Story
    • Classes include: 
      • Telling Your Story
      • Homemade Bookmaking
      • Becoming a Soulful Parent
  • Yiddish Story
    • Classes include: 
      • One Congregation, One Book
      • Learn your Bubbie's Yiddish
      • A Yiddish Trio of Jewish Short Stories